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Our #1 purpose is to enrich the lives of others by providing fun and interesting ways to learn about the world -past, present, and future- what lies within it, and what’s been discovered beyond it. Because you have a limitless supply of information at your fingertips, we continuously strive to offer you new ways of observing and understanding life. With our followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube and our app, website, and book readers combined, we speak to millions upon millions of people every day
We know you want more than just random, meaningless facts, so we work very hard to live up to your expectations. Whether you’re interested in giant tarantulas who have tiny-froggy pets, lifelong couples who die holding hands, everyday people striving for social justice, the fact that magenta doesn’t exist, or the reason why your diamond engagement ring is the result of a decades-old marketing ploy and holds no actual monetary value, ‘did you know?’ has something for everyone

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